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About us

CELOX  is Slovak , family - managed company founded in 1991.

We have been engaged in the production and sale of building profiles and building accessories intended mainly for the construction industry for 30 years.

We cooperate with  architects and closely follow European trends in our sphere of activity. The company currently offers more than 1200 types of profiles and is one of the biggest supplier of building profiles on the Slovak market.


Our mission is to enforce our position as a stable and reliable company providing comprehensive and innovative solutions for building profiles and accessories.

Our Values

  • In the area of customer service increasingly continue to offer benefits through innovative solutions and cost-effective products.
  • In cooperation with the customer, we will seek improvements and new solutions, because we want to remain the preferred partner for our customers.
  • In the market we want to bring to the market the newest solutions in the building area and deal with current problems in the profiles of construction industry.
  • We will develop our future on the foundation of  family business that has a clear vision, based on an honest business and a stable financial base .


Company goals:

  • Strengthen our position in the market of building profiles and thus promote a stable and long-term growth.
  • For our customers be stable partner with a clear strategy and perspective for further cooperation.
  • In cooperation with our customers, to create products that will respond adequatly to challenging details of new solutions in building and reconstruction.
  • The maximum use of our experience in the research and development of new products.